Watch this video and more on BUTI ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on BUTI ONLINE STUDIO

Bands 8 With Donna Matthews


Up Next in Season 1

  • Bands 7 with Emily Bowers

    Friends don't let friends skip leg day! This 20-minute workout is mainly focused on lateral activation with some external rotation and extension of the hips. It's also going to exhaust your legs and smoke your core!

  • Bands 6 with Tiphanie Bond

    It's Leg Day! Tiphanie Bond is a powerhouse and this 15-minute workout is a BURNER. Per usual, her playlist is super fun and her moves are creative. This is a workout that will you'll be thinking about for days after you finish. Literally. It's going to burn for days.

  • Bands 5 with Britt Hodgen

    The Glute Meister is back in full effect. Build your booty, strengthen your hips, and light up your abs with Britt as she guides you through this creative Bands sequence. Her playlist is fire, per usual. Lots of twists and folds counterpoint the muscle burn and Britt offers the challenge of Chatu...