10 Episodes

Practice with our Butisattvas in these workouts designed for Buti Beginners. These workouts feature a stronger focus on cued alignment and modifications to set a solid foundation for your Buti practice.

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  • Beginner 11 with Sue White

    Episode 1

    Sue takes it back to Buti Basics 101 in this short 40-minute workout. She breaks down each movement to help beginners find the correct alignment and muscle engagement and sets it all up with a playlist that makes it easy to hit the beat in each song so that you can practice moving with the music....

  • Beginner 10 with Tiphanie Bond

    Episode 2

    This is a fun and fiery, yet slower paced workout. Tiphanie's playlist will have you vibing and her thorough cueing will guide you through every movement safely to help you build strength and confidence!

  • Beginner 9 with Rayna Graham

    Episode 3

    A slower-paced and grounding Tone that takes you through the foundations and offers tons of modifications for those still building strength. You'll still be challenged and have the opportunity to amplify while moving through this slower dynamic flow, making this the perfect Tone for both newbies ...

  • Beginner 8 with Donna Matthews

    Episode 4

    This 40-minute Beginner Tone begins at a slow and steady pace, set to a fire playlist. Donna builds your practice from the foundation up while firing up the core straight away. With tons of slow-paced strength and conditioning, prepping poses, and opportunities to build into advanced movements, l...

  • Beginner 7 with Becky Kain

    Episode 5

    Join Becky for a delicious dynamic beginner flow. Be ready for some hard-hitting cardio pushes to get you out of your comfort zone, out of your head, and into your body. With lots of yummy recovery stretch and static asana to counterpoint the strength and conditioning, this Tone is well rounded a...

  • Beginner 6 with Becky Kain

    Episode 6

    Becky is wildin' out in this 1-hour Beginner Tone! She generates heat right away and then flows fluidly to the pinnacle of the class. She offers modifications and preparations for chaturanga, and tons of super fun and explosive plyo and cardio bursts. The playlist is hype and will drive your ener...

  • Beginner 5 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 7

    From our founder comes a 40 minute workout that will teach you how to tap into your deep core and build a solid practice from the ground up. Plank and chaturanga modifications are offered and lots of work is done to fire up the muscles called upon to execute these poses. Beginners, Buti instructo...

  • Beginner 3 with Dom Castronovo

    Episode 8

    It's crazy how ENOUGH you are. This workout begins with the intention of recognizing that where you are in your practice is perfect. What follows is concise and direct cuing, lots of support and encouragement, modifications offered, and options to go deeper into postures as well. This is a FLOW w...

  • Beginner 2 with Joshay Simmons

    Episode 9

    Just because it's a beginner workout doesn't mean it's not a total sweat fest. Expect beautiful sequencing, clear cuing, and great energy in this workout!

  • Beginner 1 with Joshay Simmons

    Episode 10

    New to Buti and wish there were modifications offered in our workouts? This is for you. With clear cueing and lots of encouragment, this 50 minute workout is perfect for beginners. Not a beginner? The modifications are offered but you don't have to take them. You'll be sweaty and hit with the But...