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  • Deep 8 with Becky Kain

    Get your deep stretch on and also tap into your deep core muscles. Challenging sequences with small movements will have your glutes and obliques sore. Heart opening and grounding, this 60 minute DEEP workout will leave you feeling both energized and restored.

  • Deep 10 with Erica O'Callaghan

    Two words: Mellow Divinity. So many juicy deep twists, heart-openers, and self-massage compliment the deep engagement. Erica's soft and sweet spirit guides you to nirvana, but you're gonna work for your dessert. You'll generate sweat, but you'll finish feeling completely wrung out and maybe even ...

  • Deep 13 with Emily Bowers

    This 1-hour DEEP Tone is a core burner with lots of delicious heart openers that will leave you grounded and buzzing with good vibes! Intense focus on the inner unit of the core with rotational movements and plenty of twists and binds.

  • Deep 14 with Tiffany Basket

    Need to move and transmute some energy? Join Tiffany as she guides you through this DEEP flow that incorporates fascial work, deep crossbody core contractions, self-palpations of the muscle, and some deep abdominal engagement while in strength-building and balance-building asana. The latter is un...