8 Episodes

Hotcore® is a 30 minute class that utlizes the Spiral Structure Technique® to engage the deep muscles of the core. Broken into pre-sequenced sets to maximize muscle toning, look, and functionality, Hotcore® is a perfect addition for anyone looking to enhance their core strength and/or push the limits of their yoga practice.

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  • Hotcore 1 with Nani Berger

    Episode 1

    Pike ups, tic tocs, bakasana demi presses...your core will feel this workout for sure! Great encouragement throughout.

  • Hotcore 2 With Ceara Caisido

    Episode 2

    AB format- A from plank and B from seated- clear and concise cueing and lots of encouragement in the instruction.

  • Hotcore 3 With Ceara Caisido

    Episode 3

    AB format- flexed feet movements in A rounds and pointed feet movements in B round. Challenging and intense workout.

  • Hotcore 4 with Danny Strohman

    Episode 4

    AB format- A round movement patterns from plank (flexed and pointed, including malasana burpees and cannonball circles) and B round movement patterns from seated (dandasana passthroughs, twists, seated abs series).

  • Hotcore 5 with Ceara Cassido

    Episode 5

    Great cuing and encouragement will make your workout fly by. Movement patterns from plank and other shapes keep it interesting and hit the core from all angles.

  • Hotcore 6 with Alexis Jones

    Episode 6

    20 minutes is all you need to fire up the core big time. On a quest for the press? This workout is a step in the right direction. Wrist taps, pike'll feel the burn.

  • Hotcore 7 with Steph Bard

    Episode 7

    Need some extra support to get you through? There's a whole squad who has your back in this one. Not just from plank, but forearm plank, reverse table top, wide up the core from all different shapes.

  • Hotcore 8 with Stephanie Bard

    Episode 8