12 Episodes

Hotcore® is a 30 minute class that utlizes the Spiral Structure Technique® to engage the deep muscles of the core. Broken into pre-sequenced sets to maximize muscle toning, look, and functionality, Hotcore® is a perfect addition for anyone looking to enhance their core strength and/or push the limits of their yoga practice.

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  • Hotcore 1 with Nani Berger

    Episode 1

    Pike ups, tic tocs, bakasana demi presses...your core will feel this workout for sure! Great encouragement throughout.

  • Hotcore 2 With Ceara Caisido

    Episode 2

    AB format- A from plank and B from seated- clear and concise cueing and lots of encouragement in the instruction.

  • Hotcore 3 With Ceara Caisido

    Episode 3

    AB format- flexed feet movements in A rounds and pointed feet movements in B round. Challenging and intense workout.

  • Hotcore 4 with Danny Strohman

    Episode 4

    AB format- A round movement patterns from plank (flexed and pointed, including malasana burpees and cannonball circles) and B round movement patterns from seated (dandasana passthroughs, twists, seated abs series).

  • Hotcore 5 with Ceara Cassido

    Episode 5

    Great cuing and encouragement will make your workout fly by. Movement patterns from plank and other shapes keep it interesting and hit the core from all angles.

  • Hotcore 6 with Alexis Jones

    Episode 6

    20 minutes is all you need to fire up the core big time. On a quest for the press? This workout is a step in the right direction. Wrist taps, pike'll feel the burn.

  • Hotcore 7 with Steph Bard

    Episode 7

    Need some extra support to get you through? There's a whole squad who has your back in this one. Not just from plank, but forearm plank, reverse table top, wide up the core from all different shapes.

  • Hotcore 8 with Stephanie Bard

    Episode 8

    "You gotta work hard to play hard!" Join Steph and Squad for a challenging core workout with plenty of modifications for those still building their strength. Some tough Vasisthasana work and Superman lat pulls make this one super fun, and you'll prep for press with handstand drills.

  • Hotcore 9 with Alexis Jones

    Episode 9

    Set your abs ablaze with Alexis in this 23-minute scorcher. Give your wrists a break with forearm plank work, prep for press handstand with pike straddles, and obliterate the obliques and low abs with clever single leg and quadruped work.

  • Hotcore 10 with Steph Bard

    Episode 10

    Ready to roast your core and crack your heart open in 23 minutes? Join Steph and Squad for a total tummy turn up! Showcasing a fresh new bridge sequence to level up your practice, with navasana, ab swaggers, ustrasana, salabhasana, B-Girl twists, and, of course, the signature inversion-prepping p...

  • Hotcore 12 with Emily Bowers

    Episode 11

    25 minutes doesn't sound like much but you will get WERKED in this short but sweaty workout! In addition to the expected heavy core focus, you'll work on binds, shoulder and hip stability, hip opening, and get a little leg burn too!

  • Hotcore 11 with Britt Hodgen

    Episode 12

    Are you working towards inversions? If you're on the quest for the press, this workout is the quickest way to condition your core to prepare to get upside down! In HotCore 11, you'll build your core strength and stability, as well as your shoulders and pelvic floor.