With new workouts dropping every Monday and new instructors always being introduced, keep it fresh by checking out our latest workouts here.

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  • Tone 286 with Dannica Lowery

  • Tone 285 with Bizzie Gold

    Mama B is back and she's better than ever! Get ready for moves never before seen and expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone. This Tone is so well rounded with lots of flowy asana to balance out the Buti fire. The moments of stillness do not make it any less challenging, though. Expect plent...

  • Tone 284 with Ceara Caisido

    Guess who's baaaaaack? Ceara is here to melt faces and this Tone is FUN. From the playlist to Ceara's radiating personality and creativity, you won't be able to keep from smiling! Ceara incorporates a lot of classic Buti favorites but she also slays some new moves that will blow your mind. Expect...

  • Tone 283 with Donna Matthews

    Holy shoulders! Donna smokes the arms right away in this yummy flow and you know her playlist is on FIYAH, with every move perfectly coordinated to the beat. Once your arms are ashes, she moves to your legs and builds even more heat! With lots of core conditioning, creative static stretches, oppo...

  • Primal Flow 4 with Anton Mackey

    Primal Flow 4 incorporates a super cool Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) variation, modifications for beginners, amplifications for advanced yogis, superb instruction by Anton, and a TON of yummy sequencing that feels SO GOOD. It's paced at a steady speed and Anton clues you in some important anat...

  • Tone 282 with Erica O'Callaghan

    Erica is a favorite of many and she's back with a fun flow and playlist! In true Erica fashion, she generates a lot of heat quickly and burns up your core, shoulders, and quads right away. Yeeyee! Then she slows it down with some twists and static holds and then goes right for your lats and trice...

  • Live 48 with Bizzie Gold

    Bizzie kicks off this Live Tone with a lot of lateral spinal flexion to increase mobility and strength, and burns your shoulders up right away! Then she gets super creative and clever with some internal/external hip rotation sequences to strengthen and stretch and focuses plenty on pelvic floor a...

  • Tone 281 with Brittny Estle

    Clocking in at under an hour, this Tone hits all the stops! Work on spinal mobility and core strengthening with a lot of flexion, extension, and axial rotations of the spine. Plenty of shoulder and hip stabilizing moves, as well as pelvic floor conditioning and options for binds and arm balances!

  • Hotcore 12 with Emily Bowers

    25 minutes doesn't sound like much but you will get WERKED in this short but sweaty workout! In addition to the expected heavy core focus, you'll work on binds, shoulder and hip stability, hip opening, and get a little leg burn too!

  • Primal Flow 3 with Ben White

    Ben takes you on a movement journey celebrating birth, life, and death, from Fetal Pose (parsva garbhasana) to Corpse Pose (savasana). The arc of the class is symbolic of the joyous gift of life and its balancing acts, building toward the pinnacle before bringing it to the ground for rest. This o...

  • Tone 280 with Elizabeth McDaniel

    Have you been craving a Buti Classic? This Tone is brand new but vibes like a throwback and it includes ALL of your favorite moves and more! With a killer playlist and a well-rounded sequence, you will fall in love with Buti all over again when you join Elizabeth on this #primalaf good vibe ride!

  • Sculpt 17 with Kris Egger

    Kris hits it hard right off the bat with some cardio footwork and keeps it wildin' out with some creative ab sequencing and squat jumps from malasana! Then, she shifts it into high gear for ab swagger, scorpion shoulder openers, forearm plank walks, ardha pincha mayurasana, parivrrta ardha chandr...

  • Tone 279 with Sara Fakih

    Sara is coming to you all the way from London and she's got the whole squad with her! Sara's background is in Dancehall so expect a badass playlist and some fresh, fun, and funky moves with a lot of soul!

  • LIVE 46 with Bizzie Gold

    Chock-full of innovative primal movements, sweat-dripping cardio bursts and an intense twist + bind section. This 75 minute class will get your heart rate on the rise and put on a big smile on your face.