With new workouts dropping every Monday and new instructors always being introduced, keep it fresh by checking out our latest workouts here.

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  • Tone 295 with Ben White

    Ben is back with his Buti Boy Swag! This Tone, while moderately paced, will still offer a challenge with lots of rotational core conditioning, opportunities for binds + arm balances, fiery chaturanga work, and new + fun transitions that will leave your muscles SMOKED. Tons of single-leg balance c...

  • Tone 294 with Donna Matthews

    This may be a shorter Tone, but Donna packs this 45 minutes full of new moves, new transitions, and new music. Heavy focus on core conditioning and hip + shoulder stability with opportunities to balance. Super fun cardio segments will have you dripping sweat and loving every second.

  • Bands 10 With Emily Bowers

  • Bands 9 With Ceara Caisido

  • Bands 8 With Donna Matthews

  • Tone 293 with Emily Bowers

    Emily takes the time to break down some foundational poses at the beginning of this Tone. Her focus is mostly on strength + conditioning, but there are a couple of heart-pumping moments of cardio sprint. If you think there's no direct transition from Warrior I to Baby Hopper, think again. Emily i...

  • Tone 292 with Acosia Red Elk

    Acosia brings the groove in this SweatFest. The first 15 minutes are paced a bit slower to thoroughly warm up the body before she kicks it up a notch with her signature Powwow cardio sequencing. From there, Acosia simultaneously drops philosophy bombs from her brilliant mind while focusing on cor...

  • Tone 291 with Ceara Caisido

    This one is for all you cardio freaks! Ceara truly delivers a kickass workout with tons of super fun tribal sequences and plenty of lower body strength and conditioning. If we could create a "Best of Buti" compilation, this would be it.

  • Tone 290 with Donna Matthews

    This is one of the most creative flows that we have seen and the music must reside inside of Donna because she literally never misses a beat. Switch it up when you start this flow with the Surya Namaskar before you begin your usual Buti warmup. In this Tone, Donna is highly focused on strength bu...

  • Tone 289 with Ben White

    Our favorite Buti Bro is back to let everyone know that even dudes can spiral and shake to freedom, and we get a split second of his rap skills! Ayeee! Ben moves at a steady pace with a heavy focus on strength-building that is countered with static hip and hamstring openers. He makes your heart s...

  • Live 49 with Bizzie Gold