4 Seasons

Sometimes we need an extra push to get through our workouts. Let these LIVE classes (filmed mostly with our founder Bizzie Gold) be the extra spark to help you hit your mat.

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  • Live 49 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 1

  • Live 48 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 2

    Bizzie kicks off this Live Tone with a lot of lateral spinal flexion to increase mobility and strength, and burns your shoulders up right away! Then she gets super creative and clever with some internal/external hip rotation sequences to strengthen and stretch and focuses plenty on pelvic floor a...

  • LIVE 47 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 3

    This LIVE ButiGlo class is stacked with sprints, innovative rotational movements + a bangin' playlist. This 75-minute class will light up your core + fully fatigue the quads.

  • LIVE 46 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 4

    Chock-full of innovative primal movements, sweat-dripping cardio bursts and an intense twist + bind section. This 75 minute class will get your heart rate on the rise and put on a big smile on your face.

  • LIVE 45 with Britt Hodgen

    Episode 5

    Everyone's favorite little firecracker is back with LIVE 45 and in true firecracker fashion, she kicks it off with a B A N G right out the gate! Of course, her playlist is fire but her moves are even more smokin'. You'll engage your muscles in ways that you didn't even know were possible –– we're...

  • LIVE 44 with Bizzie Gold at B MVMNT

    Episode 6

    This class is straight cardio FIRE. Tons of innovative movements. A must-see for Buti instructors. This 75 min class keeps the evolution of the practice moving in full force. Don't forget your water.

  • LIVE 43 - Master Trainer Retreat Class with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 7

    This 90-minute heart-centered class is straight from the Master Trainer Retreat and led by the firecracker herself, Mama B. Per usual, her creativity is off the charts! She is on that brand new vibe, debuting fresh new movements. Peak your heart rate in the first 10 minutes and continue to travel...

  • LIVE 42 - Jon James Tribute Class with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 8

    This 90 minute class was filmed LIVE at Peak Hot Yoga + Cycle. Dedicated to a close family friend that passed away on October 20, 2018. Jon James was an accomplished rapper and this playlist is full of some of his best tracks.

  • LIVE Tone 41 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 9

  • LIVE 40 at B MVMNT with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 10

    It's getting hot in here. Seriously. At the 40 minute mark, you'll see someone get up for a towel for herself and a friend. It's like THAT. You'll also want this whole playlist. Long bursts of intense tribal inspired cardio into a heart opening sequence, another round of cardio intensive tribal d...

  • LIVE 39 Reggae Vinyasa with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 11

    This power vinyasa class is ideal for building strength and breathing into deep core engagement. Class playlist is 100% reggae + dub and will get you breathing deep into each asana. Complete with fire-building vinyasa, this class will make you break a sweat while facilitating deep release of the ...

  • LIVE 38 at Zen Soul with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 12

    This 75 minute class is an absolutely sweat fest. Abs, glutes, shoulders - ALL ON FIRE. This class features a well-rounded playlist with a variety of genres represented. Solid cardio-bursts through middle 40 minutes of the class sequencing.