DEEP is a restorative movement sequence that utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique® to connect mind to muscle. DEEP is low-impact and focuses on micro-movements with physical touch to connect the brain to innervated muscle and restructure the deep core. The class structure also includes self-massage and pressure point activation to release muscles during deep restorative asanas.

  • Deep 17 with Bizzie Gold

    Bizzie explains the correct muscular engagement and palpation techniques at the beginning of this class to ensure that you are getting the most out of your practice. She brings focus to the posterior chain, bringing diagonal compression into the back to strengthen the most commonly underdeveloped...

  • Deep 16 with Emily Bowers

    Emily leads a delicious DEEP class with lots of muscular lengthening, including shoulder, hip, anterior core, and hamstring openers, but be prepared to work hard with the core focus. Emily pays a lot of attention to the obliques and lower quadrant of the abdomen, making this ideal for mamas searc...

  • Deep 15 with Erica O'Callaghan

    This class hits the core from all angles with lots of rotations and twists, low and posterior core activation, and side body bends. Erica incorporates deep front body, hip, and hamstring stretches to counterpoint, making this workout perfect for spinal mobility and pelvic stability.