4 Episodes

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  • Primal Flow 1 with Anton Mackey

    Episode 1

    Join Anton in our first ever Primal Flow as he brings the Sacred Masculine in to support Buti Yoga. Slow, intentional, and fluid movements ground your energy, begin to build a little bit of heat, and allow you to become more comfortable with your vinyasa practice. Anton's authentic and heartfelt...

  • Primal Flow 3 with Ben White

    Episode 2

    Ben takes you on a movement journey celebrating birth, life, and death, from Fetal Pose (parsva garbhasana) to Corpse Pose (savasana). The arc of the class is symbolic of the joyous gift of life and its balancing acts, building toward the pinnacle before bringing it to the ground for rest. This o...

  • Primal Flow 2 with Anton Mackey

    Episode 3

    Get grounded and connect with Mama Earth during this juicy slow-paced flow with Anton Mackey. Not only will this delicious, low-impact Primal Flow leave your body humming a sacred tune, but you'll release tension, inflammation, and stored trauma in the connective tissues while refining your Vinya...

  • Primal Flow 4 with Anton Mackey

    Episode 4

    Primal Flow 4 incorporates a super cool Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) variation, modifications for beginners, amplifications for advanced yogis, superb instruction by Anton, and a TON of yummy sequencing that feels SO GOOD. It's paced at a steady speed and Anton clues you in some important anat...