Sculpt + Bands

Sculpt + Bands

2 Seasons

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Sculpt + Bands
  • Sculpt 1 with Alicia Barreiro

    Episode 1

    AB format- heavy plyo/cardio in both rounds (reverse burpees, malasana burpees, jacks) with a couple strength moves (child's pose pushups, trikonasana flow and toe taps from seated)

  • Sculpt 3 with Danny Strohman

    Episode 2

    Starting with plank jacks to pike ups and then right into single leg arc jumps, this workout isn't for when you're looking to dial it in. Heavy cardio on A round, challenging strength moves on the B round (elevated child's pose pushups, tricep dips from reverse table top). Put in WERK.

  • Sculpt 4 with Danny Strohman

    Episode 3

    If you want to get your HIIT in with a core focus, this is the workout for you. A round hits plank, knee drives to nose, and twisters. B round hits the glutes hard with malasana half turns, malasana walks, and lots of squat varations. You will feel this tomorrow.

  • Sculpt 5 with Danny Strohman

    Episode 4

    Cardio can be fun- who knew? A round is full of cardio intensive dance/plyometrics, while B round hits the core in controlled movements.

  • Sculpt 6 with Danny Strohman

    Episode 5

    AB format- A rounds hit lower body (squats, jumping lunges, side lunges with knee drives, curtsy squats) while B rounds fatigue arms (lots of chaturanga, pushups, and burpees with low pushup). Calm and grounded energy in this strength building workout.

  • Sculpt 7 with Erica O'Callaghan

    Episode 6

    Hit the arms and core hard in this strength-focused Sculpt workout. AB format.

  • Sculpt 8 with Acosia Red Elk

    Episode 7

    Acosia adds her dance flair to this Sculpt Tone with floor sweeps, tribal squat, various cardio bursts, and a grass dance sequence. With few actual resting poses, this one hits hard and is reflective of Acosia's strong and energizing spirit. It's sure to have your body vibrating, dripping in swea...

  • Sculpt 9 with Kris Egger

    Episode 8

    Kris spikes your heart rate immediately and then cracks your heart wide open with some tasty backbends. Get ready to smoke your quads and glutes to ashes and then continue to activate the heart chakra with Ustrasana work and prone shoulder openers. A smart Malasana variation achieves oblique focu...

  • Sculpt 10 with Ceara Caisido

    Episode 9

    Ceara brings the heat and smokes your upper body and sparks up the glutes in the first round. In round 2, she exhausts the legs and glutes with attitude and brings focus to the obliques. In round 3, you've got more core work, pistol squats, and glute burnout. Don't tap out in the final round, yo...

  • Sculpt 11 with Erica O'Callaghan

    Episode 10

    Curtsies aren't for princesses. They're for badasses who want to feel the burn! Kick off the workout with killer curtsies, then prep for chaturanga with child's pose pushups. Get wild with some fun Malasana movement, tone the core with seated ab work and climbers, and get the heart rate up with j...

  • Sculpt 12 with Donna Matthews

    Episode 11

    This one is a straight torcher, so get ready to WERK. Explode right out the gate with a cardio burst, plyo knee drops, and donkey kicks. Find relief in the valleys of resting postures, then burn your legs and glutes out with dynamic utkatasana and malasana play. Prep the shoulders and core for ...

  • Sculpt 13 with Alexis Jones

    Episode 12

    Sound the alarm! Get ready for a booty burner that will push you to the limit. In just under 25 minutes, Alexis will light you up, work you to muscle exhaustion, and give you that onion booty... burns so good it makes you cry.