2 Seasons

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  • Sculpt 13 with Alexis Jones

    Episode 1

    Sound the alarm! Get ready for a booty burner that will push you to the limit. In just under 25 minutes, Alexis will light you up, work you to muscle exhaustion, and give you that onion booty... burns so good it makes you cry.

  • Sculpt 14 with Kris Egger

    Episode 2

    Kris challenges your body to the full extent with this workout, incorporating a ton of creative core and glute busting movement. Heart-pumping cardio sprints and explosive inversion preps make this a Tone you won't want to miss!

  • Sculpt 15 with Acosia Red Elk

    Episode 3

    Acosia is back and bringing the heat in this 25-minute Sculpt sequence heavy with core focus. Get ready for the burn because there is no denying it with this one! This workout will light you up in the best way.

  • Sculpt 16 with Erica O'Callaghan

    Episode 4

    Is it leg day already?! Erica lights you up in this 20-minute Sculpt workout that is focused on leg and glute work. Lots of plyometric and cardio moments, like mountain climbers and malasana jumps, and tons of fun asanas like reverse tabletop and floating dog. If you want a quick lunch-break boot...

  • Sculpt 17 with Kris Egger

    Episode 5

    Kris hits it hard right off the bat with some cardio footwork and keeps it wildin' out with some creative ab sequencing and squat jumps from malasana! Then, she shifts it into high gear for ab swagger, scorpion shoulder openers, forearm plank walks, ardha pincha mayurasana, parivrrta ardha chandr...