Watch this video and more on BUTI ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on BUTI ONLINE STUDIO

Sculpt 5 with Danny Strohman


Up Next in Season 1

  • Sculpt 6 with Danny Strohman

    AB format- A rounds hit lower body (squats, jumping lunges, side lunges with knee drives, curtsy squats) while B rounds fatigue arms (lots of chaturanga, pushups, and burpees with low pushup). Calm and grounded energy in this strength building workout.

  • Sculpt 7 with Erica O'Callaghan

    Hit the arms and core hard in this strength-focused Sculpt workout. AB format.

  • Sculpt 8 with Acosia Red Elk

    Acosia adds her dance flair to this Sculpt Tone with floor sweeps, tribal squat, various cardio bursts, and a grass dance sequence. With few actual resting poses, this one hits hard and is reflective of Acosia's strong and energizing spirit. It's sure to have your body vibrating, dripping in swea...

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