Buti Yoga is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning and deep abdominal toning. This all-in-one workout tones + sculpts the entire body while facilitating complete inner transformation. Classes in our library range from 40 to 90 minutes.

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  • Tone 267 with Donna Matthews

    Donna busts out her Beast Mode with tight, controlled, and intentional movements guaranteed to fire up your muscles and build heat + strength. Well-timed cardio sprints get your heart pumping and her playlist will keep you hyped. Donna hits EVERY. SINGLE. DROP. and, along with her detailed cueing...

  • Tone 266 with Kelsey Muskin

    Kelsey gets LIT in this tribal heavy sequence that will leave you buzzing and heart-activated. Explore liberating movements and tap into your primal brain while vibing through this fun and funky playlist. This one is guaranteed to get you hype, melt your inhibitions, and leave you smiling from ea...

  • Tone 265 with Amy Solara

    Kick it off with a bang with Amy's fun and creative sequencing! Getting hype right out the gate, Amy guides you through a calorie scorching workout that's equal parts strength-building, grounding primal movements, sensual yoga flow, and badassery. AND a killer playlist to boot! Amy's contagious s...

  • Tone 264 with Ben White

    Celebrate the Divine Masculine alongside Ben and Britt in this super grounding and balancing flow. This Tone focuses on strength, balance, and finding your roots. Moving at a steady pace, Ben guides you through vulnerability, challenging asana, and flavorful creative sequencing. He serves you up ...

  • Tone 263 with Kris Egger

    Hit this 60 minute workout if you're looking to open your shoulders, hips and heart. With a few intense cardio pushes, options for binds, and lots of deep stretches, this well balanced workout will leave you sore in the best way.

  • Tone 262 with Che Natina

    Chill music and more of a yoga flow, lots of deep twists and long holds with grounded dynamic movement- you'll feel this workout in a different way than most. Think anatomical cues, aligned chakras, and a nice wringing out.

  • Tone 261 with Acosia Red Elk

    In 45 minutes, send your heart rate all the way UP multiple times. Who says cardio has to be a punishment? Tribal dance makes it fun. You'll end up sweaty, feeling open through your heart and grounded all the way down. This is the perfect workout when you're short on time and looking to go hard (...

  • Tone 260 with Alexis Jones

    Stretch out your hamstrings, open your hips and shoulders...and also hit multiple arm balances, challenging cardio sequences and lots of core and glute work. You got this. Hit the mat hard for this 60 minute burner. Your chakras will be spinning.

  • Tone 259 with Kate Seymour

    Some workouts elicit that slow burn and sneak up on you. This is one of those. Incredibly heart centered and grounding, this workout will leave you sore from muscle activation, not impact.

  • Tone 258 with Che Natina

    45 minutes of intense and challenging WERK- deep hip opening, deep core work, and lots of glutes. You'll be continuously cued throughout this workout, with lots of focus on what muscles are firing. Expect to your edge with this one.

  • Tone 257 with Kris Egger

    This workout builds beautifully, tapping into opening the hips more deeply as it progresses. With clear cueing, great energy, and a bomb playlist, this 75 minute workout packs lots of cardio intensive bursts and plenty of deep core activation.

  • Tone 256 with Layla Halenka

    Core and booty? Sweaty and stretched out? In just 40 minutes, you'll get all of that. Heavy on tribal and hip hop, the playlist will keep you moving. Don't be deceived by the duration of the workout- it packs a punch that you're sure to feel tomorrow.

  • Tone 255 with Stephanie Bard

    So many amazing sequences and lots of great energy fill this hour long sweat fest. Equal parts intense with cardio + strength and stretchy with flow and asana, you get the best of all worlds with this one.

  • Tone 254 with Kelsey Muskin

    Cardio can be fun, y'all. Dance your way through multiple heart rate spiking sequences. Just under an hour, this workout will leave you filled with joy and covered in sweat. Also, the playlist is lit.

  • Tone 253 with Tiphanie Bond

    Ground down with this workout through tons of primal movement and root chakra activation. Flow it out and get deep into your core. In over an hour you'll hit the entire body and feel wrung out and worked in the best way.

  • Tone 252 with Britt Hodgen

    This 40 minute sweat fest is full of one drops, drumming it out, and lots of oxytocin releases. Options for binds and arm balances, lots of deep shoulder and hip opening, and tons of deep core and glute work make it a great stretch and burn. The fun playlist (solid amount of hip hop) and great, s...

  • Tone 251 with Donna Matthews

    Super sweat fest- hit your cardio, open your heart, and ground your energy with this workout that clocks in at just over an hour. Expect sore glutes the next day- there is a ton of lower body work to give you those booty gains.

  • Tone 250 with Erica O'Callaghan

    Want to build strength and stamina? With cardio that is easily modified, lots of yoga poses and opportunities to work on your strength, this accessible workout hits everything (including option for arm balance).

  • Tone 249 with Nadia Carriere

    Hit your core hard in this strength based workout. If you're looking to have fun and release what you don't need any longer, this is it. In just under 60 minutes, with a tribal based playlist, you'll sweat with intention and end with a smile on your face.

  • Tone 248 with Alexis Jones

    Pushups in astavakrasana? This 75 minute workout will challenge you and push you to your edge. With multiple arm balances, if you're looking to fly, this is the workout for you. Lots of cardio pushes, options for binds, pistol squats and advanced postures will leave you sweaty and sore, relishing...

  • Tone 247 with Kate Seymour

    Fluid and flowy yet strong and stabilizing, this 50 minute workout will leave you with a sore core and your glutes on fire. With lots of deep twists and hip openers, you'll also feel wrung out in the best way.

  • Tone 246 with Layla Halenka

    This workout clocks in at under an hour and delivers multiple heart rate spikes, freedom in movement through the cardio intensive bursts of tribal dance, and lots of heart/hip opening. Working on your static shake? Love hip hop? This is the workout for you.

  • Tone 245 with Britt Hodgen

    The energy and playlist are on point in this workout. In just under an hour, you'll spike your heart rate multiple times and feel grounded too. Through her great musicality, you will feel connected to the instructor and you'll have fun! #loveyourworkout, right? Take a chance and fly toward the e...

  • Tone 244 with Bizzie Gold

    Need to get out of your head and into your body? This workout gives you no time to think- you'll be too busy moving. Tons of primal movement calling on the deep core and getting deep into the glutes, intense cardio, and new movement patterns will leave you inspired (and sore). If you have some st...