10 Seasons

Buti is the framework and the instructor is the flavor. Looking to get tribal, or maybe to flow more? Hip hop or EDM? Search by your favorite instructors here.

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  • Master Trainer Retreat Class with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 1

  • Tone 244 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 2

    Need to get out of your head and into your body? This workout gives you no time to think- you'll be too busy moving. Tons of primal movement calling on the deep core and getting deep into the glutes, intense cardio, and new movement patterns will leave you inspired (and sore). If you have some st...

  • Buti Bands 2 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 3

  • Buti Bands 1 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 4

    Intense, quick and effective format- side lunges, malasana drawing knees to chest, jacks, forearm plank heel raises...25 seconds work, 10 seconds rest in a static yoga pose. Expect booty gains and lots of sweat. Booty is the main focus but this is a whole body workout.

  • Tone 234 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 5

    Asana centered workout, fewer cardio sprints. Deep core engagement, challenging table top sequence, ab and glute work from floating quadruped.

  • Beginner 5 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 6

    From our founder comes a 40 minute workout that will teach you how to tap into your deep core and build a solid practice from the ground up. Plank and chaturanga modifications are offered and lots of work is done to fire up the muscles called upon to execute these poses. Beginners, Buti instructo...

  • LIVE 40 at B MVMNT with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 7

    It's getting hot in here. Seriously. At the 40 minute mark, you'll see someone get up for a towel for herself and a friend. It's like THAT. You'll also want this whole playlist. Long bursts of intense tribal inspired cardio into a heart opening sequence, another round of cardio intensive tribal d...

  • LIVE 39 Reggae Vinyasa with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 8

    This power vinyasa class is ideal for building strength and breathing into deep core engagement. Class playlist is 100% reggae + dub and will get you breathing deep into each asana. Complete with fire-building vinyasa, this class will make you break a sweat while facilitating deep release of the ...

  • LIVE 38 at Zen Soul with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 9

    This 75 minute class is an absolutely sweat fest. Abs, glutes, shoulders - ALL ON FIRE. This class features a well-rounded playlist with a variety of genres represented. Solid cardio-bursts through middle 40 minutes of the class sequencing.

  • LIVE 37 at B MVMNT with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 10

    This 70 minute workout has an amazing playlist with a unique angle to view all the hard work going down in class. This class has a few first-timers giving it their 100% effort and you will too. All while smiling.

  • LIVE 36 at Zen Soul with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 11

    This 75 minute LIVE class with Bizzie Gold is the perfect blend of plyometrics and dance. Complete with shoulder burners, deep twists and balancing poses, you will certainly feel this class the next day!

  • LIVE 35 Hot Buti® BMVMNT with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 12

    Hot Buti class with a few intense cardio spurts. Tons of primal movement, deep core focus, and chakra work. Grounding workout with an intention of not caring how you look while executing movements. Getting out of head and into body.

  • Buti Live 34 at Zen May 2018 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 13

    This 60 minute LIVE class with Bizzie Gold gets right to it with all the cardio in the first half of class. The deep core work from reverse table top and seated abs series complete the workout to make it an all over body burner.

  • Tone 225 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 14

    Booty burner, option to get into some deep expressions of poses. Core work from creative positions.

  • Tone 218 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 15

    Many heart rate spiking sequences, heavy glute and leg focus.

  • Tone 215 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 16

    Full body workout. Challenging and fun. Deep hip openers. Lots of heart rate spikes.

  • Tone 214 With Bizzie Gold

    Episode 17

    Tribal dance, long holds in poses hitting legs and glutes, deep hip openers.

  • LIVE BUTI 21 (Starseed) workout Bizzie Gold

    Episode 18

  • TONE 206 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 19

    Challenging workout. Lots of primal movement. Deep hip openers and lots of oblique focused core work.

  • TONE 205 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 20

    Challenging malasana sequence, longer cardio pushes, lots of cardio. Long hold in goddess with lots of isolations.

  • TONE 200 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 21

    Hip Hop playlist, tons of core and balance work. Not heavy on cardio.

  • LIVE Deep 3 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 22

    Lots of shoulder and hip opening, deep twists, asana. Challenging DEEP class. Not only core, but also challenging glute and upper body sequences as well.

  • TONE 199 with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 23

    Short and super cardio intensive workout.

  • LIVE BUTI 32 workout with Bizzie Gold

    Episode 24