Tribe Thrive Instructor Spotlight: Ben White

Tribe Thrive Instructor Spotlight: Ben White

Meet Ben White, Primal Movement Alchemist and Buti Instructor Spotlight for the month of June in this month's edition of Tribe Thrive. If you love all the dynamic movements in his Tone series, pick up a copy of his latest DVD in the Buti Shop - EVOLVE.

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Tribe Thrive Instructor Spotlight: Ben White
  • Evolve Workout 1

    This is the moment you've all been waiting for. Ben White will light you up with his Evolve Tone debut! Think deep twists, primal movement, strong and anchored asana, innovative muscle engagement, yummy static stretches, a kickass playlist, and LOTS of things you've never done before. Evolve is t...

  • Primal Flow 3 with Ben White

    Ben takes you on a movement journey celebrating birth, life, and death, from Fetal Pose (parsva garbhasana) to Corpse Pose (savasana). The arc of the class is symbolic of the joyous gift of life and its balancing acts, building toward the pinnacle before bringing it to the ground for rest. This o...

  • Tone 264 with Ben White

    Celebrate the Divine Masculine alongside Ben and Britt in this super grounding and balancing flow. This Tone focuses on strength, balance, and finding your roots. Moving at a steady pace, Ben guides you through vulnerability, challenging asana, and flavorful creative sequencing. He serves you up ...